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WORKSHOP Colors in Digital Painting with Mike Azevedo

Atualizado: 20 de jul. de 2021

Another course was held with Mike Azevedo in partnership with the ICS Art school.

The course was held online with spectacular support from the school.

I'm always learning from Mike, he was my first Digital Painting teacher over 8 years ago.

I love following your work and following your courses whenever I can, because I love keeping up to date on the digital contents of painting and its aspects.

The workshop had the following specifications from which I learned a little more about how you use color and impact visualization.


In another event with Mike Azevedo, we will talk about the use of colors in digital painting. Our instructor will demonstrate some techniques in a practical way and bring tips for you to improve your art.

Let's go through the topics:

♦ Color sketch: Planning the final colors of an illustration;

♦ Temperature;

♦ Realistic lighting;

♦ Different styles of color usage;

♦ Demonstration;

♦ Questions and Answers.

Here his website and ICS Art School for more information about some awesome courses!

Mike Azevedo Artstation:

ICS Art School in Brazil:

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