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I’m a Senior Concept Artist, Visual Development Artist for games animated films, books, video mapping shows, and a graphic designer for apps and brands design.
Creative and passionate about art in every way, I’m extremely organized, self-taught, multi-tasks, with a leadership management experience, good communicator, and always dedicated to learn new technologies and new challenges.

Experience of 12 years in the Concept Art and Graphic field creating and leading projects for visual development in movies, environments, characters, UI design/elements, props, matte painting, etc. for games companies, animation studios, books, as well for advertising agencies for web content and illustration for video mapping light shows.

I participated in the publication of some online and board games, tv shows and series, that are currently online.
An in the meantime I taught art/design in High School, created some workshops, and beyond that im still learning with me and with others, sharing experiences and new ideas.

About Me.

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